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Required Forms
In addition to registering online, we require the following four documents to be completed and in your child's file before school begins.
Child Admission/Registration
Health Statement
Policies and Procedures
Updated Immunization Records (from your child's pediatrician)

What is "Spanish Immersion"?
Spanish Immersion means that your child will be surrounded by the Spanish language during his/her preschool day and will learn the language the natural way. He/she will experience all the joys of preschool like Circle Time, Music and Movement, Story Time, and more, just all in Spanish! Our unique Spanish language immersion program provides an excellent academic and social education while giving children the invaluable skills of comprehension and use of the Spanish language and an appreciation for the culture.

My child does not know Spanish - will he be confused and not understand what to do?
Our program is designed for children who do not yet understand or speak the Spanish language. (We do, however, welcome and encourage children who already use the language in their homes to be a part of our school!) All staff are native Spanish speakers from around the world who also speak English. We will start the school year speaking both English and Spanish so that the children understand the rules and expectations and get to know their teacher. After this period, a smooth transition to Spanish-only will be easy and even fun for them. To be sure the children understand what the teacher is saying, our teachers dramatize and "act out" what they are saying. The kids love this and love to join in. If the teacher ever doubts that the children understand something, she will briefly explain in English and then continue in Spanish. Therefore, there is no child "lost" or "confused". We are here to encourage the love of the Spanish language and will ensure that the children feel comfortable and secure in the environment of our school.

How will the children be taught?
The children will be taught the same way as if they were being taught in English! Our curriculum uses a hands-on approach to developing large and small motor coordination, creativity and expression, socialization skills, and much more! Weekly and monthly themes are used to help children explore the world around them - all in Spanish! Children will also be exposed to a wide variety of cultural activities and learning opportunities.

Will my child be prepared for Kindergarten and beyond?
Yes! Your child will be prepared for Kindergarten and elementary school! As much as our school believes in the acquisition of the Spanish language for children, we realize that the Kindergarten/Elementary school they attend will likely be in English. Therefore, we have built into the preschool curriculum a "kindergarten prep" class. Each day, your preschool child will have an "English class" in order to experience and learn English letters and sounds, develop reading skills and experience the many wonderful books and stories the English language has to offer. Your child will experience the best of both languages!

What happens after my child "graduates" preschool? Will they lose the language they have learned?
In addition to our Kindergarten program, we have after school Spanish classes and summer camps to help your child maintain and improve their Spanish! Other ways to help them continue to use their Spanish include Spanish story times at public libraries, children's books and music in Spanish, computer games and programs in Spanish, and watching their favorite DVDs on the Spanish language setting. Some television stations also broadcast children's shows in Spanish. Travel to Spanish speaking countries, or finding Spanish speakers here at home to chat with are also priceless opportunities. Your child's Spanish acquisition never needs to end! Think of the endless possibilities...

What are your ratios?
Spanish Schoolhouse ratios are lower than the state standards, as well as many other area preschools.
Our ratios are:
Two year old class: 6:1
Three year old class: 8:1
Four year old class: 10:1
Kindergarten: 12:1


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I'm astonished at how much my son has learned so quickly, and very proud when he uses Spanish at home. He's writing, reading and doing math in both languages and he's only 4. We tell everyone about SSH!
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Priority Registration for currently enrolled families begins
January 21, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.

Open Registration
for new families begins February 4, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.

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