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Extended Hours
Extended care hours vary by location. Please click on the link below for extended care hours by location.
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Required Forms
In addition to registering online, we require the following four documents to be completed and in your child's file before school begins.
Child Admission/Registration
Health Statement
Policies and Procedures
Updated Immunization Records (from your child's pediatrician)

My child turns five in September. Can he/she be in your kindergarten?
Texas public schools (and many private schools) allow enrollment into each grade level based on the student's age on September 1. At Spanish Schoolhouse we encourage parents to enroll their children using the same guideline, but in some cases our schools can extend the cut-off to September 30. Please contact the Director for more information.

If my child attends your Kindergarten class and is six by the end of the school year, can he/she go straight to public first grade?
Yes, as long as your child meets the age requirement of the public school system, he/she will be prepared for first grade after completing SSH five-day Kindergarten. If your child attends three-day Kindergarten, it is recommended to supplement with English Kindergarten curriculum at home on the other two days. Our Kindergarten is based on the Texas Education standards and our children will complete the same requirements (and more!) as the children in the public schools, with the addition of a foreign language.

We were thinking of putting our child in your Kindergarten and then having him attend the public school Kindergarten the next year. Will that work, or will it be too redundant?
Each child is unique. In general, giving a child another year of Spanish and exposing him early to the layout of a Kindergarten class will only give him a head start. While your child may be ahead of the class academically, he will have an easier time adjusting to a larger public class, switching classes for specials, following their rules, etc. Since our program involves reading/writing in both languages and is taught to each child's individual level, he will gain confidence academically and socially. Being confident in his skills will make his first year in public schools a positive experience.

What are the Kindergarten program options?
The five-day Kindergarten program is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Spanish and Tuesday and Thursday in English. This is the recommended program. The other option is the three-day program, which is attending only on the Spanish days. Both programs are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

What is different about the Spanish and English days?
The classroom schedule is the same each day of the week. The Spanish and English teacher will communicate frequently throughout the year to plan and ensure consistency. The curriculum is continuous, meaning that concepts taught in Spanish one day are not repeated in English the next day, but instead built upon and taken to the next level. All subjects, reading, writing, math, and science/social studies are covered each day.

Whether it is an English day or a Spanish day all students will experience a true Latin educational environment; an environment that academically enriches the student, stresses manners and nurtures the child.

What is the ratio for the Kindergarten class?
Spanish Schoolhouse ratios are lower than the state standards, as well as many other area private Kindergartens.
Our ratio for Kindergarten is 12:1


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The loving and warm educational environment has been the best thing for my daughter. She is learning a new language, but also she is also growing in many other areas thanks to the love she receives from the moment she arrives at school until she walks out the door. It's such a special place for children and we love that most of all!!!
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January 21, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.

Open Registration
for new families begins February 4, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.

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